My platforms on the issues facing Davis County:

After working with government entities for nearly 20 years it has become clear that the job handed to any political leader  is a challenge. Normally, candidates have experience in a specific field and bring important perspectives to their roles.

In my case, I bring a very unique set of skills, honed not only in political environments, but also in the field of business and economic development. 

During my life, I have been an intrapreneur, entrepreneur and now - if there can be such a thing - a govapreneur. I am able to use a lifetime of unique skill development to face the incredible challenges that our communities will see in upcoming years.

1: Economic Development – economics is the science and art of the interrelationships and interactions involved in creating opportunity. It will be no surprise that my campaign focuses on economic development. But economic development may be much more than you have considered.

There will not be a candidate who will not say that economic development will be a focus of their campaign.  But few understand that economic development is a highly integrative study of implementing practical economic solutions to complex theoretical economic challenges. 

The Building Blocks for Economic Development and Increased Opportunity

  •  Schools and education of all types is a key for advancement in any economy.  I have worked with our technical colleges and universities to create and enhance non-traditional educational opportunities.  Start-up Ogden was one of the state’s first coworking, evergreening projects.  An evergreening project is a project that is designed to need no further governmental funding and will create its own revenues.
  • We export a sizeable amount of brain talent outside of our state every year.  Typically, we are a leader in  this category. We need to create great job opportunities for those individuals to remain local in order for our communities to grow and prosper. Doing so will ensure that we keep higher paying jobs in our county and state.

2: Making sure that our communities stay desirable places to raise families.

  • We need to continue to create memorable and distinctive places that contribute to the economic fabric of a community. This includes world-class transportation.
  • The development of our scarce remaining community assets with livable and contributing economic development projects is an important priority.
  • The Development of these assets is the key to keeping taxes low. The more the community is valued, the lower the taxes are likely to be—assuming we continue to manage our operations efficiently.

3: Economic Opportunity

  • We have a two-fold mission here: 
    • Acting as a facilitator for businesses to create employment.  
    • Assisting in creating better higher paying skills based employment.
  • Economic Gardening: In 2012, I was recognized by the SBA as a Small Business Champion. This award is more meaningful to me than probably any other because it recognized a lifetime of helping build small businesses. That is a major part of my life's work.

4: Tax Sustainability

Increased taxation limits opportunity

Over the next decade we will face ever growing challenges to maintain tax rates in real terms. One example: communities are now faced with the increased cost of personnel in vital areas such as police and fire. Policing has been especially hard hit as the supply of officers has been outpaced by demand for quality experienced officers.

Rather than promising that I won't raise taxes, I will promise to make government more efficient. I'll balance addressing community needs with responsible stewardship of the funds that citizens in Davis County work so hard for.

5. Environmental Stewardship

  • We need to maintain quality neighborhoods that contribute to the livability of our county.

6. The Importance of Local Government

It will be increasingly important for all 15 of our cities to enhance their collaborative efforts. At the county level there needs to be an increased effort to facilitate this collaboration and to provide the needed support for those cities to share information and knowledge with their councils in order to provide the best direction for the future of their city.

7. Local relationship building

Davis County has so many political subdivisions that enhancing local relationships will become key in moving the economic potential of all the cities forward. 

8. Problem Solving should be qualifications of leadership

Much of political discussion and emphasis in the past years (and currently) is about  who makes the decisions - not how to we get the best decisions made and implemented. Over the past two decades, I have shown a unique set of skills to get things done. Helping create one of the fastest growing job centers in the United States and pioneering public-private partnerships to the support and development of small business demonstrates these qualifications.