I've been building communities all my life.

After working with government entities for nearly 20 years it has become clear that the job handed to any political leader is a challenge. Normally, candidates have experience in a specific field and bring important perspectives to their roles.

In my case, I bring a very unique set of skills, honed not only in political environments, but also in the field of business and economic development. 

During my life, I have been an intrapreneur, entrepreneur and now - if there can be such a thing - a govapreneur. I am able to use a lifetime of unique skill development to face the incredible challenges that our communities will see in upcoming years.

I promise to use my experience to benefit and build Davis County. I'll make sure my work is transparent and that my actions leave this area better than I found it.


Learn more about Tom's experience and plans for Davis County.

I have known Tom for many years and have observed the exceptional results of his economic abilities to build city government. Tom will be an incredible county commissioner for Davis County. I fully endorse Tom as a new commissioner.
— Kerry Wahlen, President/CEO Goldenwest Credit Union
I am pleased to endorse the candidacy of Tom Christopulos for the Davis County Commission. I’ve worked with Tom for the past 4+ years on a number of cooperative projects. He is a man of vision who knows how to affect positive change in our community. A vote for Tom is a vote for competency, accountability, and progress for the betterment of communities.
— Zane Woolstenhulme, Ogden City School District
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Uniquely Qualified to Lead

Tom Christopulos has led Ogden City’s economic development for the past ten years where he now serves as Director of Community and Economic Development. During his tenure, the City received national  and international recognition for economic development activities and achieved over $1.5 billion dollars of new commercial construction. Much of that was accomplished during the recession of 2007.


Small Business Champion

In 2012 Tom was named an SBA Small Business Champion. This typifies his effort in solidifying the backbone of our economy - small business.


In addition to his public sector employment with Ogden City, he was founder of Singleedge Inc., a data center built in 2001 which was acquired by Via West in 2010. He continues to consult with small businesses.


Tom knows how to partner with private sector companies and government institutions. His innovative approach to partnership strengthens economies and helps people. 

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